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Using Dinamikom e-noticeboard, all is well organized, at the right time in the right place.

Dinamikom e-noticeboard for Kindergartens and Schools

Eliminate inadequate posts on social networks. standalone mobile apps and web pages. With Dinamikom your kindergarten or school gets the most modern system for internal communication and exchange of information among kindergartens or schools and parents in the Republic of Croatia.

Dinamikom was developed by us, parents of pre-school and school children, the experts of communication and technology in cooperation with the principals and staff of children institutions. Pilot program was implemented, the project was presented to the Ministry of Science and Education and we received a certificate of free non-compulsory distribution to children's institutions by the competent minister.

Today, Dinamikom is used by over 40 children institutions with over 5000 users.

Use Dinamikom e-noticeboard and improve service of kindergarten or school, make your parents satisfied and well informed

Parents want to look into as much as possible of their children activities while they stay in kindergarten or school. Dinamikom originated on the idea to open a new window into the world of children nurturing and education in order for institutions to efficiently presented their work with children, and on the other hand, for parents to have an insight into everydays activities of their loved ones.

Clanci Za vrtice i skole kruzna 01Simply include modern habits in your communication

On a sample of 4000 users, we found that more than 65% of parents use Dinamikom through mobile devices. This confirms that most of the population accepted this modern communication as the primary informing channel. Large number of interruptions and problems in communication arise exactly because of this time limits and disorientation in many available models and technologies. Development of Dinamikom was stimulated by overcomming differences in the supplementation of traditional communication channels between institution staff and parents, through:

  • Carefull development of functions and design;
  • Combining required technologies in one place;
  • Speed, ease of use and content availability;
  • Personal education of users in children institutions;
  • Daily user support.

Clanci Za vrtice i skole kruzna 02

Low level of IT education is no longer a problem, we've solved it at Dinamikom

We detected that older staff in the institutions are more reluctant to accept changes in expansion of communication channel, precisely because of disorientation within the available modern technologies. Dinamikom solves this problem by helping your employees to take a part in communication development according to their capabilities:

  • zhe collective creates its own structure and communication according to the available potentials;
  • Free up individuals, the collective gets a new tool of exceptional efficiency;
  • You unburden individuals, and the collective gets a tool of exceptional efficiency;
  • Give individuals the opportunity to participate in Dinamikom in according to their knowledge, without fostering;
  • You determine Moderators in Dinamikom system that can monitor entire communication.

Professional kindergarten and school teams become connected, organized, and information is always available

If you always wanted a system that will quickly distribute information and documentation to your professional teams, instantly notify all employees or groups about events or work tasks, Dinamikom provides you these options:

  • You create your own internal employee groups that you notify and inform with one-click;
  • You share documentation, it is organized and always available for download;
  • You get feedback from team members for all your content;
  • Group and individual communication is available;
  • Simply organize professional meetings and actives, send reports to everyone with one click.

Clanci Za vrtice i skole kruzna 04Simbol Dinamikom top
Photo galleries of kindergarten and school activities

Post photos to parents simply within the closed system of Dinamikom. Use of different social networks becomes unnecessary, users only see photos intended for them, and no one outside of your Dinamikom has access to these photos. In a bit more than a year of use, through Dinamikom, institutions published tens of thousands of photos of their activities with children to parents.


Clanci Fotoalbumi kruzna 03Simbol Dinamikom novo
Creating personalized photo albums for parents

At the request of many parents, and in cooperation with children institutions that use Dinamikom, we developed a new service for creating personalized printed photo albums for parents. Parents create their own photo albums in the app using Dinamikom available or peronally uploaded photos. Service is carefully developed so that children institutions can easily provide this superior service to their parents, without any major additional engagement. Photo albums design is financially adjusted by maximum to their parents and offers an excellent price / quality ratio.

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Dinamikom team

We are parents of pre-school and school children, professionally dealing with design and construction of web applications.

Dinamikom is the result of personal experience, the desire for improving interpersonal relationships and professional engagement.

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