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Public Kindergarten Tratinčica

Koprivnica - users since Feb 2017.
Has Dinamikom (and how) contributed to better communication among kindergarten and parents? When the Principal introduced us to Dynamics in one of the Educational and Health Councils, there was a…

Kindergarten Čigra

Zagreb - users since Jan 2017.
Dinamikom is an excellent way of cooperation with parents which is very important part of the service from day one in Čigra kindergarten. It's been reviewed and easy to use,…

Kindergarten Bajka

Varaždin - users since Nov 2014.
Dinamikom e-notice board system used by kindergarten Bajka as a virtual noticeboard proved to be an ideal tool for achieving a higher level of cooperation and partnership with parents, as…

Kindergarten Cvrčak

Sveti Roko, Klis - kolovoza 2015.
Dinamikom is an excellent addition to noticeboard for parents. Information is also reaching those parents who forgot to look at kindergarten noticeboard or have been absent for some time. We…

Kindergarten Čarobno ogledalce

Varaždinske toplice - users since Sep 2016.
Although we were initially somewhat skeptical about how parents would accept this form of communication, today we can say that its introduction has greatly contributed to raising the level of…

Kindergarten Zeko

Varaždin - members since Oct 2015.
We are pleased with the Dinamikom system due to the simplicity of setting notifications, quick photo upload, and easy adding, deleting, and changing groups for individual children. There is also…

Kindergarten Roda

Ivanićgrad - users since Sep 2016.
The curricular goal of Roda kindegarten amogst other things, is the strengthening of partnership and co-nurture-parenting. Dinamikom greatly facilitates cooperation because it is always available and we have an insight…
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We are parents of pre-school and school children, professionally dealing with design and construction of web applications.

Dinamikom is the result of personal experience, the desire for improving interpersonal relationships and professional engagement.

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