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We know that cooperation gains meaning in trust and support moments, when honest feelings that move us are gathered.

Dinamikom Team

While creating Dinamikom, the guiding principle was to improve interpersonal relationships. Everyday work with children is very sensitive because it can not be separated from sentimental co-life, so that any exchange of information and experience is essential in order to connect us adults more clearely, for the well-being of our children's development.

Dinamikom Team is made of parents with pre-school and school children so the experiential background in developing Dinamikom is related to professional work in the area of planning, design and implementation of this modern information and organizational platform:

Žarko Radovanović, B.Sc. Graphic Engineer
Project manager

Goran Garojević, B.Sc. Designer
Design and ergonomics

Goran Galinec, M.Sc. IT
IT development and implementation

Dario Pintarić
IT development and implementation

Sandra Radovanović, B.Sc. Graphic Engineer
Coordination and customer support

Contact us here for any questions regarding the Dinamikom system.

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Dinamikom team

We are parents of pre-school and school children, professionally dealing with design and construction of web applications.

Dinamikom is the result of personal experience, the desire for improving interpersonal relationships and professional engagement.

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