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We build Dinamikom through cooperation and hearing of people needs who try to show children traces of creativity and freedom of creation.

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Respectful individuals and associations, awareness-triggers of inexhaustible potentials,

Dinamikom project basically carries a social aspect of linking and exchanging content, information and notifications in the segment of pre-school and school work with children. By vision, commitment, and nonprofit character of Dinamikom e-noticeboard platform, we managed to bring together a wider community of interested institutions, professionals and parents who see a step forward in presentation of their own work also with clearer, more effective communication processes.

Cooperation on child upbringing and education, help in children and parents development

Basic idea upgrade goes in the direction of linking as many individuals as possible who can at one place share their work and thinking with mutual interest groups of people and professional orientation. As we developed Dinamikom so far through cooperation and ohearing of needs of parents, kindergarten and school staff, we continue to move forward by allowing for this idea to open prospects in the future to wider community of people on the basis of their process active creation and the new action frameworks. These new, active frames are exactly the tool to erase limiting aspects of current positions.

Clanci Dinamikom portal kruzna 01Present your own ideas and work related to children, family, upbringing and education through Dinamikom web portal

Dinamikom platform offer you to try, through your own presenting view of ideas and work, achieve certain contacts with Dinamikom system users and portal visitors related to the help, work and life of children and families, and children institutions. Through the texts and articles on Dinamikom portal, you can present your work and share your thoughts on some topics related to the upbringing and education of children, parenting, health, nutrition of children, improvement of family life, etc. An authoring articles blog section is available and the area of news and creativity.

We are open for your suggestions and offers, feel free to contact us without obligation and become an associate on Dinamikom project.

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We are parents of pre-school and school children, professionally dealing with design and construction of web applications.

Dinamikom is the result of personal experience, the desire for improving interpersonal relationships and professional engagement.

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