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Has Dinamikom (and how) contributed to better communication among kindergarten and parents?

When the Principal introduced us to Dynamics in one of the Educational and Health Councils, there was a nuisance.

We often discuss how to improve the co-operation of kindergartens (primarily nurses!) and parents, to bring our parents a closer look of our work and to inform them more effectively about changes or important things. Also, as a kindergarten (an institution with multiple facilities in a wide area like ours) can connect better and more efficiently. Today, social networks are the easiest way to communicate quickly, but I personally think that they are way too public. I believe that the lives of our children, children's communication, and their photographs are not intended for a "wide audience".

Let me just get back to that nuisance after Dinamikom was introduced. Opinions were divided, which was to be expected. Some thought they would move us from face to face communication, and some were willing to try. When we introduced Dinamikom with our parents, the reactions were mostly enthusiastic. And most importantly, they all liked it and wanted to use it. With the agreement that the Parents notice board is still "in function".

Today, after several months of use, I have to admit that my expectations have been confirmed and this way of communication has contributed to better communication among kindergartens and parents. Especially because of the availability to publish photos, which we do often. I must mention that we had very good communication with our parents even before Dinamikom. They think that personal communication is the first and most important, while virtual is to be only (positive) complementary. The most positive comments were the constant availability of notifications because parents, often in a hurry, forget to look at what's being said on the Parents notice board. And in the evening, when children are asleep, they can read everything in peace.

As a teacher, it is a great advantage to have more time for personal conversations about a particular child when we meet with parents, which is in my opinion - most important. I would like to point out the speed of information availability among kindergarten staff, and we also reduce the paper waste because everything is available in electronic format and is printed only when really needed. Instead of a conclusion - just a sentence!

Dinamikom further emphasize what's already good!

Ana Romek, educator

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