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Kindergarten Čigra

Zagreb - users since users since Jan 2017.

Dinamikom is an excellent way of cooperation with parents which is very important part of the service from day one in Čigra kindergarten. It's been reviewed and easy to use, parents have all the information available for 24 hours, and all kindergarten teachers and professional teams are enabled to direct communication with parents, sending notifications, photos…

People who designed and are developing Dinamikom are very accommodating, they provide excellent support and are always planning something new and interesting.

We started with use of Dinamikom e-noticeboard in Čigra kindergarten 6 months ago. Back then we included 2 educational groups, and as of October we include all 10 groups at our 3 locations. This speaks most about our satisfaction with this kind of cooperation and communication between parents and kindergartens.

Ivana Džanić, administrator

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We are parents of pre-school and school children, professionally dealing with design and construction of web applications.

Dinamikom is the result of personal experience, the desire for improving interpersonal relationships and professional engagement.

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